About Trimble Productions

We specialise in working with veterinary thought leaders, specialists and pharmaceutical companies to develop successful online courses, broadcast-quality live stream events and face to face presentations. So, whether you are an established company looking to grow your course catalogue or a pharmaceutical company looking to increase awareness of your products, we can bring your program to life through engaging visuals, progressive educational techniques and storytelling.  

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How we can help you

Our process

When it comes to creating bespoke educational programs, it’s important to ensure that our clients feel comfortable with us before we start work. Similarly, we need to understand you, your goals, and the challenges you face to create courses that are focused on delivering a high-quality, engaging learning experience. 


In order to do this, we have created a fully rounded consultation process that allows us to take you through each step of the course production process to ensure you understand each stage and how we will achieve your goals. 

Meet our team

Our team is led by a veterinary specialist who has a lifelong passion for education Toby Trimble, He is supported by a small dedicated team who come from the fields of film, TV and live events production. This means we can design and produce world-class educational programs with our clients.

Lisa Wiggins

Finance and Administraton

Lisa has a wealth of experience assisting growing businesses over the last 35 years and it an integral part of the Trimble Productions team. Lisa is responsible for our administration, client support and film shoot organisation.