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University College Dublin Case Study

Developing a novel method of teaching students can be challenging. We partnered with the teaching staff from University College, Dublin helping them to create a visual, highly engaging modular course.

This course would transition students from theory to hands-on application of a core clinical skill in less than 25% of the time of traditional methods.


Like many clinical disciplines, senior clinicians at UCD School of Veterinary Medicine Anaesthesia Service spend significant time in clinics teaching students the same skills every two weeks, from rotation to rotation.

Many students find it difficult to transition from theory to the practical application of clinical skills. Due to an industry-wide shortage of personnel to teach, staff were finding it difficult to keep up with the demand for teaching time with students and the clinical caseload. They had attempted to make video courses in the past, but had found them challenging to make. The resulting videos were often lengthy — and student engagement with them was limited

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We created a carefully-designed, engaging modular course that clearly demonstrates the core skills students needed to apply a core clinical skill. 


Short and visually engaging programs are proven to generate better engagement than traditional long-form lectures as they reflect the style of content students have become accustomed to.

The finished course takes 25% of the time of traditional teaching methods, with the content encouraging problem-solving from students — helping them better understand the course's key clinical concepts and their practical applications.


We began with a workshop, introducing the whole team to the concepts and techniques behind effective storytelling and how they can be applied to education — making for a powerful tool.

Our experienced creative team then worked to produce a storyline that emotionally engaged the viewer and communicated the most important aspect of feline hypertension. After this, we created a set of bespoke illustrations, photographs and videos to supplement the presentation visually. 

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IMG_9797 2.HEIC


​The course will form part of a clinical trial which will commence in Summer 2022.


"Toby and his crew are consummate professionals. From the very beginnings of an idea being explored, all the way through to the completion, presentation and marketing of the material (several months of work) they made the process smooth and efficient. They have such an exceptional eye for technical detail and quality that the output far exceeded my expectations.

Our project is aimed at assisting the student to translate lecture/book learning into practical skills for veterinary graduates, using a video-modular format. The content that has been created for us is both engaging and succinct — broad enough to cover the learning objectives required — yet focused enough to target day one clinical competencies that every new graduate needs to feel confident. Toby has such a keen understanding of how to condense large concepts into easily understandable chunks of information. This sort of learning style will have so many applications and be so accessible to so many different people from different learning backgrounds.

I very much look forward to working with Trimble Productions in the future."

Joanna Potter, Assistant Professor of Veterinary Anaesthesia, University College Dublin, School of Veterinary Medicine 

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