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Skills Development Skills Programs

Develop your team's skills to deliver thought-provoking presentations that your audience remembers. A program specifically designed for key opinion leaders, spokes people, Specialists and animal health professionals who regularly present as part of their work


What will we cover?  

In this two-day face-to-face workshop with our presentation coaches, we dive into a structured, hands-on process to make you confident, calm and consistent at presenting on and off camera — using storytelling to format your presentations and lectures. This workshop will give you the foundations to apply our techniques to your own teaching or within your organisation.

Day one

  • What is storytelling — and why it’s the most powerful tool for teaching and capturing your audience’s attention

  • Storytelling techniques and how to incorporate them into your teaching

  • Presentation structure, from introductions and how to grab and hold your audience’s attention, and select memorable take-home messages

  • Slide design concepts and how to apply these in your own presentations

Day two

  • Confidence on stage — how to feel relaxed and in control in front of your audience 

  • Practical audience engagement and interactivity techniques

  • Use of voice, pacing and pitch to enhance your delivery

  • Bring it all together — integrating the concepts you've learned into a presentation

  • Presenting on camera with practical hands-on exercises  

How to book

Contact us for pricing and availably. 

Meet the speakers

The workshop is taught by two experienced coaches who have a passion for teaching and engaging presentation. 

Jon Robbins

Presentation and leadership coach

Jon is a veteran of theatre and motion picture performance who has spent much of the last 25 years as a presentation coach working in the veterinary and business industries to help speakers make their message resonate and be retained by their audience. He works internationally and specializes in course design. He is skilled at making our delegates feel calm, confident and consistent when performing

Branding Preview11.jpg
Toby Trimble

 EBVS and RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia


Toby is an RCVS and EBVS Specialist in veterinary anaesthesia and analgesia and the founder of Trimble Productions. He focuses on making veterinary education engaging, visual, and memorable. With his team, Toby has created more than six hundred CPD videos and live broadcasts. He works with clients internationally to improve their key messaging, on-camera presence, and visual presentation structure. 

Clients' Testomonials 

"A fantastic workshop from someone who is leading the way with educational methods. Not only did we learn the theory of storytelling, but the importance of production values in teaching. Storytelling promotes understanding. Production values capture your audience's attention." 

Professor Mark Bowen

Director of Education,

European Board of Veterinary Specialisation

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