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Nottingham Vet School

Case study

The University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Schience is a world-leader in veterinary education. They came to use to develop a progressive approach to undergraduate teaching.

An Introduction to Fluid Therapy   -  Gayle Hallowell
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Online teaching had hit a roadblock. In 2020 undergraduates face-to-face teaching moved online in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The immediate solution had been to take face to face lecturers add a voiceover over onto PowerPoint slides as 30-50 minute lectures; this format time-consuming, left staff burnt out, and students frustrated by the teaching delivery method.


As a world-leading vet school, the team at The Univerity of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Science wanted to find a solution to enable online teaching to be an engaging learning experience that students wanted to use, and most importantly, enhanced the learning process

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We developed the Piece of Inspiring Education (PIE) talk, a 5-8 minute single learning outcome masterclass style video format. The key difference between the PIE format and longer recorded lectures is PIE gets to the point quickly and the short-form content means the learner attention span is maximised.


We delivered:


3 x bespoke seminar like videos using visual aids and lectures on screen 

Development and delivery of a video pitch to demonstrate the new approach to student teaching

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The team were able to show a tangible demonstration of the PIE concept during their pitch to the senior leadership team at the Vet Schoo. The pre-recorded format allowed staff to concentrate on delivering live wrap-up sessions that increased student engagement and staff satisfaction. Student feedback from studies comparing the PIE talks to conventional PowerPoint recordings has been outstanding. The team have rolles PIE talks for a groundbreaking Fundamentals of Clinical Practice module in 2021. 


Toby has a vision to make education engaging and finally end the dreary powerpointlessness or teaching. He has the skills and understanding to develop high quality resources and work with people to bring their storytelling abilities to life.

He created a pitch of 3 slices of PIE - pieces of inspiring education, to demonstrate to our team how they can all move away from the shroud of slides and just talk about subjects

It is what veterinary education needs and deserves and it is what will drive engagement in the post covid hybrid model of learning.

Mark Bowen

Professor of Veterinary Internal Medicine

Univeristy of Nottingham, School of Veterinary Medcicie and Science

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